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Our office is located at:
3130 Hope Valley Road
Durham, North Carolina 27707

Phone: (919) 401-5913
(919) 419-1018

Business Hours:
8:30 am-5:00 pm

For General Information email:  mailbox@brockmeece.com

To reach our office please call (919) 401-5913 and our receptionist or automated system will direct you to the following extensions:

Partner: Paul B. Brock ext. 221
Email: paul@brockmeece.com

Partner: Darin P. Meece ext. 229
Email: darin@brockmeece.com

Of Counsel: C. Scott Holmes ext. 227
Email: scott@brockmeece.com

Associate: Ryan Lockamy ext. 232
Email: ryan@brockmeece.com

Associate: Jeremy S. Spears ext. 234
Email: jeremy@brockmeece.com

Real Estate Paralegal: Betty Kirchman ext. 223
Email: betty@brockmeece.com

Trusts and Estates Paralegal: Leigh Edwards ext. 228
Email: leigh@brockmeece.com

Personal Injury and Criminal Paralegal: Anne Crawford ext. 227
Email: anne@brockmeece.com

Family Law Paralegal: Heather Ranft ext. 231
Email: heather@brockmeece.com

Real Estate Paralegal: Rose Lane ext. 235
Email: rose@brockmeece.com

Real Estate Paralegal: Karyn Shaw ext. 236
Email: karyn@brockmeece.com

Receptionist and Legal Assistant: Anna Fishel ext. 222
Email: anna@brockmeece.com

Mediation information: Partners in Mediation