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What do you really do? – A Summary of my Criminal and Civil Rights Practice

I have received many requests lately for a wide variety of assistance, and I wanted to clarify what kind of work I do.

I make a living working as an attorney. Most of my practice focuses on criminal defense. I practice trial courts and appeals court at both the state and federal level. I also handle post-conviction cases, which involve trying to overturn convictions after the appeal period is over based upon new evidence.

I take a small number of civil rights cases. I screen these cases very carefully, and only take a select few. These cases are usually claims for excessive … read more »

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Mediation Law

Brock, Payne & Meece is your source for mediation law. Rather than spending extensive time and money on court hearings, many of our clients select mediation as an alternate option. Mediation is a method of dispute resolution that encourages parties to resolve issues in a non-adversarial way with the help of a trained, neutral mediator.

There are many types of mediation that can be used to resolve almost any sort of civil issue. Family Financial Settlement mediators are trained to work with all issues of family law to resolve issues of child and spousal … read more »